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Are You a Risk Taker?

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Does the Risk Taker Sound Like You?

A risk taker is someone who loves the rush of adrenaline they get from staring down risk and danger. Often this adrenaline rush is strong in our teens, then dissipates as we begin to understand our mortality.

“Our lives improve only when we take chances-and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” Waiter Anderson

If you find yourself in a blazing battle and you need a soldier to run out and fetch fresh troops under heavy enemy fire, a young man (late teens/early twenties) is likely to say, “Yeah, yeah, let me at them!” Conversely, if you ask a 30-year-old, you might hear, “Have you lost your ever-loving mind?” However, there are people who love the adrenaline rush at any age, and these hardy souls worship the thrill of danger throughout much of their (often short) lives.

If you are a male risk taker, you may be more attractive to women than your “less courageous” brothers. From an evolutionary perspective, such behaviors led to greater accumulation of resources or demonstrated the abilities necessary to accumulate resources (Buss, 1989). Risk behaviors may have also signaled hardier genes. Guess what? Men prefer risk-taking women in any relationship, including romantic (Bassett, 2004).

Psychopaths are also risk takers, because their emotional levels are very low, almost nonexistent. They do not feel the intense anxieties and fears that might dissuade others from such dangerous activities.

Like  to know if you’re a risk taker or a scaredy cat? Take the test and find out!

Determine whether you are a thrill seeker or comfort seeker by taking the test below and marking to what extent you agree with each statement using one of the following three terms:

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • You have got to be kidding!

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1. Scary movies are great.
2. Sure, I swim in the ocean.
3. I would drive a muscle car …YES!
4. Yes, I would have sex without protection.
5. My foot is a little heavy …VROOM.


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