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Are You a Sex Goddess?

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This is What Makes a Sex Goddess

How eager are you to experiment with a variety of sexual practices? How free do you feel to become your sexiest self? Take this test and add up your score to find out how “hot” you are. Read the values at the end of the test. Remember, no matter what your score, it can be improved-well, unless Mae West really has not left the building. I bet she would have absolutely adored leaving with Elvis.

“I  used to be Snow White but I  drifted.” Mae West

With freedom of choice, there are no bad sexual practices as long as no one is harmed physically, emotionally or psychologically. Remember, in some societies, somewhere, at some time, every imaginable sexual practice is (or was) considered as normal as the missionary position in our culture. If you would rather not participate in a particular sexual practice, that is perfectly acceptable too. There is no inherently good or bad practice between two consenting adults—it is simply a matter of individual and couple preferences. Cultures made up conventions of sexual conduct as they went along, and then considered them sacred, written in stone or sanctified. Human beings are very, very strange creatures.

Do you think you’re a sex goddess? Maybe you are or maybe not as hot as you think you are. Take the test and find out for sure!

Complete the test by indicating to what extent you agree with each statement.


How “Hot” Are You?


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1. I smolder with desire when pleasuring my lover.
2. I enjoy seeing my sweetie wearing only a huge smile.
3. Keep the lights on, I don’t want to miss a thing.
4. Sex only in the bedroom …you must be joking!
5. Experimenting with sexual positions is way awesome cool.


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