Choosing the perfect career

What Career is Just Right for You?

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Choosing the Perfect Career

Are you in a career that matches your personality? Or perhaps you just fell into your work because it was available when you needed a job. You may  be  following   a  venerable  old  family  tradition. Grandmother  did it, dad did it, and so you took  up their fallen flag  and marched on. Dad may have treasured  his life-long pursuit of the perfect insurance policy for each of his customers-that does not mean insurance would fit your personality.

“I don’t want any yes-men around me. I want everybody to tell me the truth even if it costs them their jobs.” Samuel Goldwyn

If you try to fit into a job that does not reflect your interests, talents  and character traits, you  may find that you  have sore muscles, digestion complaints, irritability, sleepless nights and restlessness. An improper job fit creates stress. You are trying to squeeze yourself into a career that simply is not you. What if you bought a pair of shoes two sizes too small because they were  a good buy?  How long would you wear  them before  the  pain  became  unbearable?

Let’s  see  if you  are  in the  ideal career.

Answer each question “Yes” or “No”,  based on whether that trait is most like you, the majority of the time.


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1. Do you enjoy parties?
2. Is your favorite pastime reading a good book?
3. Do you live for excitement?
4. Do you have lots of friends?
5. Do you feel most alive when you are interacting with people?


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