Personality Test For Emotive Type

This Personality Test Will Reveal if You Are An Emotive Type

They are warm-hearted, caring folks. They want to help. They are happy when in the company of others and are often well liked. They are typically creative people. EP’s possess a wide variety of emotions and are not afraid to show them. These are the people you see crying at weddings and movies. Many are caretakers and in nurturing professions such as medicine, religion and mental health. Some Cognitive Personalities are also members of these professions. They are drawn to the cognitive challenges, not the cuddly experience. EP’s like people and want to be liked in return. This can lead to people-pleasing tendencies. When considering EP’s, I struggled to think of an EP who had gone to the dark side. Their nemesis is losing sight of their guiding principles while pursing acceptance and approval.

If you say that you need help in a roomful of EPs, you might be trampled as they run to embrace and comfort you. EPs will be falling like cordwood, knocking each other out of the way in their frenzy to be the first at your side.

EPs believe: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West

Do you agree with Mae West? Find out if you’re an Emotive Personality by taking this test!

Let’s check your level of “feeling” (I am 100% feeling). To discover your level answer Yes or No next to each of the questions.


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1. Do you cry when you see a sad movie?
2. Do you have a large circle of friends?
3. Do you have numerous e-mail buddies?
4. Do you prefer good fiction to nonfiction?

5. Are you in a nurturing profession (e.g., teacher, nurse, therapist, religious leader)?