Return of the English Bulldog (Featuring Sir Winston Churchill) – Excerpt 1

Return of the BulldogThe following is an excerpt from Dr. McCoy’s upcoming novel – “Return of the English Bulldog” which features her hero Sir Winston Churchill and is due for release in September this year.

“I am not a terribly imaginative person. We should settle that question right now.  So, when I look into the corner of my office, at the Victorian chair, and see Sir Winston Churchill relaxing there, with legs crossed and a cigar in one hand and what appeared to be a brandy sniffer in the other, I am stunned. As a practicing psychotherapist, I am seldom surprised by anything I see or hear, as I tell my clients quite often. However, I must admit, I may have been overly confident of my tolerance for the astonishing.

I glance around the room to satisfy my desperate need for a sanity anchor. A cluttered oak desk, a  bulging barrister bookcase, a scuffed steamer trunk, two white Victorian wicker chairs (one occupied by the decreased Prime Minister), and a stylishly faded velvet chaise are quirky, yet solid. Excellent! The walls continue to be coffee brown and white trim surrounds the Palladium window. Window is still peeking into my tiny courtyard. Courtyard and vegetation are present and accounted for! Outstanding! Now we are getting somewhere! The sign on the door says Dr. Raven “Bones” Wyndot, Psychotherapist. This is unquestionably my office. Perfect! I touch my face; yes, face is mine. Whew! My confidence is restored. Warning to self, insane and confident are not mutually exclusive states.

Somewhat reassured, I return my attention to the illustrious Sir Winston. I recognize the great English statesman at once, because he is my hero. There are dozens of books written by him or about him sitting on my nightstand at home and in the barrister bookcase behind me.  My amazement turns to curiosity, I am unusually curious by nature and it takes over. I wonder if he can speak…”

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