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What is The Perfect Man For You?

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Is your Perfect Man a Hunk or a Professor?

Do you go for the guys who have an aura of danger about them? Perhaps the Professor jingles your Gamma Beta Phi key. You may want  that  unique  someone  who  combines  both  danger  and intelligence. This test will help reveal which characteristics are important in your man. One research study indicates women look for the “Hunks” in life for short-and-sweet relationships. Nonetheless, when they look for a father for their children, the “Professor” becomes their focus. Interesting . . . women often preferred the “Hunks” for themselves and the “Professors” for their daughters.  Come on, mom, you can’t have all of the fun.

“It is not the men in my life that count, but the life in my men.” Mae West

What do the researchers say about preferences in choosing a mate? Do women really prefer men who are not vertically challenged? Researchers in Britain and Poland found that men who are fathers (they were chosen at least once) are taller than men who remain childless (Nature, January 2000). There is evidence that we are biased in favor of the big guys. If a shorter male is wealthy, terribly intelligent and/or a hunk, his stock goes up. See, we are not unreasonable.

Did you know that you might prefer a different man during ovulation than during your less fertile times? According to Professor David Perrett, St. Andrews University (UK), women appear to choose more masculine-looking men  during  ovulation.  That  changes  after  ovulation.  Is  Professor  Perrett implying that  we  are programmed  by evolution  to have two moles? Interesting concept!

Now, you may choose the perfect male according to your unique specifications. Don’t you wish it were that simple in the real world?

Find out your type of perfect man using this test!

Choose the “trait” that is most important to you from each pair.


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1. Do you prefer a man with breath-taking good looks or one who is very responsible?
2. Do you prefer a man with a muscled chest or one who loves babies and animals?
3. Do you prefer a man with a muscled chest or one who loves babies and animals?
4. Do you prefer a man who is an adventurer or a professional?
5. Do you prefer a man with a really hot car or a good education?


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