Could this be the perfect woman?

What is The Perfect Woman For You?

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Is Your Perfect Woman a Babe or a Nurturer?

Do you search for the woman with the Bambi eyes, luscious lips and gorgeous body? Perhaps you are looking for an intelligent, humorous  and  sultry  woman.  You  probably  realize  that  good looking and sexy are not necessarily synonymous. I have been told  that some women exude sensuality. It rises from them as a hormone-stirring, mind­ numbing vapor.

Regretfully, I cannot reveal the  name  of  the  person who told me or under what circumstances I was told. I have also been told that a woman either  “has  it”  or  she  does  not.  One  cannot  dash  to Saks  Fifth Avenue and purchase a bottle of simmering sex appeal.

“I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep. That’s deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?” Jean Kerr

Are you searching for a beautiful, independent, maddening Babe or a loving, compassionate, devoted Nurturer? The results from one survey indicate luscious lips or curvy hips frequently tempt even the most stalwart of men.

A study conducted by Dr. Dan Ariely of MIT suggests that men who see a beautiful woman experience the same “reward” brain response that is elicited by food and cocaine. It appears that men may be “wired” to respond to beauty. Fortunately, men also come with, at no additional cost, the most advanced version of the neocortex. Consequently, when you are trying to decide which woman you should pursue, the brainy PhD or the stripper, pause for a moment of somber contemplation. The brain can be exceptionally useful when used to make these minor life-changing decisions.

Why don’t you take the test and determine your kind of perfect woman – ­ the devoted, intelligent Nurturer or the stimulating, earthy Babe type?

Choose the “trait” that is most important to you from each pair.


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1. Do you prefer drop-dead gorgeous or a sweet smile?
2. Do you prefer a woman who is exciting or soothing?
3. Do you prefer an exotic dancer or a psychologist?
4. Do you prefer sexy clothing with a capital “S” or tailored suits?
5. Do you prefer lush lips or a big heart?


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