which personality type re they?

Which Personality Type Are You?

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Introvert V Extrovert – What Are the Main Differences?

An introvert is more introspective and can be perfectly happy enjoying  their  own company. They are not hermits, and they can be very caring and compassionate people. However, they are not Robin Williams. Introverts are more self-contained than extroverts and they do not require an audience. Although there is a seemingly incongruent quirk: they may enjoy a select audience. They are frequently college professors (INTJ-or Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging-a Myers-Briggs personality type), especially in the sciences. However, as professors, they are in control and it is a structured environment. To some degree, this may explain why they are drawn to the college classroom. They are, of course, Cognitive Personalities.

An introverted friend confided to  me (don’t tell anyone) that he enjoyed living alone; he neither wanted nor needed companionship. Nonetheless, he explained that good sex occasionally would be profoundly appreciated. I don’t think he fully understood the obvious problem.

“We are shaped by each other. We adjust not to the reality of a world, but to the reality of other thinkers.” Joseph Chilton Pearce

People have different social needs. Many experts believe that our social needs (or lack of them) were, at least in part, established at birth. Some outgoing individuals absolutely must be with others or they begin to shake, drool and sing old Barry Manilow songs. It is not a pretty sight. Other individuals cherish having alone, quiet time to perhaps read, contemplate or watch a favorite video. Many of us need both.

Extroverts are at their best with a group of people.

Which is better, introverted or extroverted? As long as you have adequate support when you need someone, you’re fine. How much support? That will vary from person to person. Normally, extroverts covet more people in their support system. Most of us fall in-between extreme introversion and extreme extroversion. We will have some traits from both types. That is a balanced, enjoyable place to be. Which are you-the table dancer, bookworm/intellectual or somewhere in the center?

Extrovert: We are being extroverted when we:

  • Are energized and thrive among
  • Share our deepest emotions with our many
  • Volunteer to help decorate the
  • Go out with friends on Friday night looking for adventure.

Introvert: We are being introverted when we:

  • Sit alone in front of the fireplace and contemplate the humor in life (and enjoy it).
  • Read a
  • Plant a flower
  • Think about our plans for the future in minute detail …

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Choose the answer to each question which indicates your likely behavior.


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1. What would you like to do on a free evening?
2. It has been a bad-hair day and your goldfish drowned. What do you do?
3. You are at a business party with lots of people and great food. What do you want to do?
4. You are at home for the evening. What do you want to do to entertain yourself?
5. You are stuck in an elevator filled with people. What do you do?


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